BBC BROADCASTING HOUSE / by Jacqueline Wilson


Fusion Flex chosen to replace original lighting at the Broadcasting House in London, a Grade II listed building:

This, one of our most important projects, has a 10 year background working on defining the refurbishment to keep the building at its most original aspect.

The Broadcasting House is the headquarters and registered office of the BBC in London. Construction began in 1932 and opened to the offices and radio operations in 1934. It was designed by George Val Myer while interiors were made by Raymond McGrath. The building is now a Grade II listed building, and the BBC works with English Heritage on its maintenance.

Thanks to our architectural lighting skills, and having already worked on English Heritage protected buildings, we were able to preserve the nostalgic of the main entrance where we were called upon to supply a new lighting system. Our bespoke LED product, Fusion Flex, were validated by the owners of the building and the “English Heritage” as the most suitable product to be involved in this historical change.

A delicate and at the same time risky installation were completed by our team, who had the responsibility of uninstalling the old lighting system, and installing the new one without damaging any of the existing materials and assets.