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Another Stretch Ceiling and Lighting Diffuser Flagship by Jacqueline Wilson

Here we are again, to tell you how excited we are. We roll out several projects, big and small, but we like to share with you some of them which we think are well designed and fits perfectly. This time we're in London, into an office, where we have been specified by the architect to create these amazing light boxes using our Stretch Ceiling and LED Lighting products. This Lighting Diffuser perfectly fits the environment.

Our Stretch Ceiling Light Box into this amazing office in London.

Edward Ray awarded Bentley World Wide roll out by Jacqueline Wilson

bentley light box

Edward Ray International Ltd has been awarded to Manufacture, deliver and install to Bentley Dealerships around the world.

The design owned by Bentley was commissioned to Arup's a few years ago and was designed as a two piece 6 meter diameter Hero Light fixture. Using our in house manufacturing process and technical ability Edward Ray was commissioned to re-design the structure keeping the Aesthetics unchanged and be mindful of transportation to world wide destinations.  

A great team effort